How To Clone An Older GIT Commit

A git repository contains the all history at all time. So when you are cloning a repository, you are cloning it with its full history, and then, you can make a branch from whatever commit you want:

git checkout -b aNewBranch SHA1


Derek@DELL8400 ~/workspace3/EDT-Tweaks2 (sensation)
$ git checkout -b Aug29 180a318445b04c1912e29fcbfc547849fe2dc5c5
Switched to a new branch ‘Aug29’

How To Resolve Invalid Project Description Error in Eclipse Working on Android Project

Frequently when I import projects from GIT via EGIT in Eclipse I  get the error “Invalid Project Description”  This bugged the hell out of me.

There are two kinds of places where projects can be located:

1) In the “default” location. This means that the project directory is a direct child directory of the workspace directory (aka the platform instance location), and the project directory name matches the project name.

2) Outside the default location, in a directory that is neither a parent or child of the platform instance location. In this case the directory name does not need to match the project name.

To ensure a successful import you have to make sure the directory you are creating inside of your \workspace\ dir matches that of the name defined in the .project file.

In my example: \workspace3\warmupdater is the same name that is defined in the .project file.  This will yield a successful import without the error “Invalid Project Description”

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