How To Determine What Files Have Changed Between Two Subversion Revisions

Lets say that you last deployed your application from repository version #85.  After a few weeks of development, the repository is now up to revision #178.  The team has decided that the code is stable and you are ready to package up all new/changed files to transfer to the host server, client, etc.

  1. Using TortoiseSVN, right-click on your working folder and select “Show Log” from the TortoiseSVN menu.
  2. Click the revision that was last published (#85 in this example)
  3. Ctrl+Click the HEAD revision (or whatever revision you want to release ie #178) so that both the old and the new revisions are highlighted.
  4. Right-click on either of the highlighted revisions and select “Compare revisions.”  This will open a dialog window that lists all new/modified files.
  5. Select all files from this list (Ctrl+a) then right-click on the highlighted files and select “Export selection to…”

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Collor Correction Process That We Use On Our Website

Prior to saving the image for the web, ensure that all elements are flattened or consolidated onto one layer in Photoshop.

Open the Curves window: Image | Adjustments | Curves

Ensure that the Output number is set to 65, and the input number is set to 90.

Save an optimized version: File | Save for Web & Device.