How to Set Up SmartGit With GitHub

  1. Create a account
  2. Download GIT For Windows (msysgit) –>
  3. Install msysgit choosing the following options:  Use git bash only [default].   Checkout Style:   Choose:  “check out as is commit as is”
  4. Launch GIT GUI
  5. In GIT GUI click menuitem:  Help | Show SSH Key | Click Generate Key and enter a passphrase
  6. Confirm new RSA keys were created in C:\Users\YourUserName\.ssh
  7. Open C:\Users\YourUserName\.ssh\ with Notepad++ and copy to clipboard.
  8. Login to Github and navigate to your Account Settings | SSH public keys and Create a new key. Paste the contents of  your RSA public key you just copied.  Name it anything you want
  9. Download and Install SmartGIT –>
  10. Launch SmartGIT.  It should automatically find your rsa keys.
  11. Clone a project Project | Clone | Remote URL:  (or any other githum repo)
  12. If it asks for a password, use your password.

10 thoughts on “How to Set Up SmartGit With GitHub

    • A gazzilion thanks to you. I have spent pretty much the last two hours trying to figure out how to use github repos with smart git. And then i googled. Thanks again.

  1. what numb-minded-ness is this, install tool a so that tool b can work?
    I would really appreciate it if you would actually tell everyone how to get smartgit to work with ssh-keys without utilizing other tools

  2. I’m curious why you went the ssh route. I did, as well — I am testing out SmartGit, and I haven’t been able to pull or push using https against my GitHub repos. Is your reason for using ssh similar?

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