SourceSafe v6.0 Process Notes

Initial Pull

  1. Right click on project | “Create Working Folder” (Which folder? %my docs\vs2008… or c:\inetpub\wwwroot ?
  2. Right click on project | “Get Latest Version” (choosing “recursive” and “Build tree” [only first time ])
  3. Load 2008 and goto Tools | Options confirming source control is set to “Microsoft Visual SourceSafe”
  4. Open local sln file pulled from source safe

Checking Out

  • Verify within Visual Studio –> Tools | Option | Source Control | Environment : if “On Save” and “On Edit” specify “Check Out Automatically” than code will automatically be checked out as you edit them

Checking In

  • View | Pending Checkings shows your pending check-ins can also check in here
  • Can also check in code by right clicking on file within solution explorer
  • Before checking in you’ll want to get latest code to ensure the build doesn’t break

Getting Latest Code

  • Within VS.NET 2008, You can either select the top level solution or the individual files. Right click and select the context menu “Get Latest Version”
  • For files you have checked out it will prompt you for the action you wish to perform, “Replace” or “Merge”
  • If you choose Merge, Source Safe will attempt to automerge. If it is unable to merge automatically it will prompt you to pick the changes to merge.

Performing Diffs from checked out code to code stored under Source Safe

  • Within VS.NET, right click on a file within solution explorer and click “View History”. Once you have history you can compare files.
  • if you wnat to compare yours to what is the latest in SourceSafe, you can right click the file and choose “compare”

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