Excluding A Web Site From Building When Debugging (F5)

From Jared:

Inline code is great.

You can update any site by just pushing out one file with your code in it, and all references to that file are set. However, the downside is that the capability that allows you to do that (on-demand compiling) is the same thing that holds you back when debugging if you compile the site before debugging (which is the default).

Output Window

Even worse… debugging makes you compile every site, most of which aren’t even relevant to your test.

Luckily there’s an easy way around this.

1. Go to the property pages of your site (Solution Explorer > Right-click solution > Property Pages…).
2. On the “Build” tab, set the “Before running startup page” action to “No Build”

No Build

Do this for every web site in your solution except the one your localhost is set to. This should cut wait time down dramatically.


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